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An entrepreneur that helps overwhelmed, time-starved entrepreneurs, overcome distraction & GSD (Get Shit Done) so your business & life can thrive.


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Our Services

Productivity Consulting

When you have the 4 Ps: People (the right team), Processes (paperless in the cloud), Productivity (software and automation) & Profit (knowing your overhead and numbers) your business can grow, thrive and scale. Keep scrolling for more info on how to you and your team can GSD!

Digital Marketing

With a focus on helping you create a plan that supports your goals with a digital strategy for content creation, such as creating an online course, a podcast, or simply teach you to wash, rinse, repeat your content, our goal is to educate you on how to use your marketing dollars and get a ROI.

Luxury Events

For over two decades Angela and her team have planned and designed events and weddings globally. The GSD team provides a full-service experience in planning, designing, and branding for clients that want a unique and productive experience where your guests will be WOW'd.

Time To Shift

Your entire life you have been programmed to believe that normalcy is waking up, going to work, providing for your family, and being the person that everyone else can rely on to help out on the weekends and evenings.

You are driven by what you can achieve and how much you can do.  Oftentimes you are the person who steps up to create an experience, throw a party, design a room, and more.  

But something beautiful has happened, you have realized that these passions are actually skills that other people will pay for.  The downside is that everyone in your life is so used to you doing things out of the goodness of your heart that you’re burning out.

The words, “you’re just so good at these things,” and “it comes so easily to you,” and “would you mind helping me out a bit” no longer fill your soul up.  

Instead, they eat you alive.

Seriously, eff that noise.

As a hobbyist turned 8-figure entrepreneur, Angela Proffitt realized that what she was programmed to believe is normal, was not the normal she was destined for.  And she knows, it’s not yours either.  From the day she discovered this, she experienced highs and lows on her journey to developing a business productivity methodology that led to her becoming an award-winning entrepreneur.

Work With Angela


Streamline your business with a hands on approach that has a proven productivity method that gets results for you



Learn how to strategically transition your business and shift your mindset to the next level with The GSD Academy


Looking for a content plan and strategy for your business; get your content done for you to achieve your goals monthly, quarterly & annually


WOW your audience with tools and tactics to increase productivity immediately while being entertained

Why Choose Angela


Efficiency is the difference between running your business like an experienced professional or being an order taker.  When you have systems and processes in place, you get more done in less time.


With a focus on knowing your numbers, you will gain awareness on what decisions to make that drive revenue and eliminate
time-wasters and resources.


Having a paperless business protects you and your clients.  Technology and automation
allows this to happen. 

How We Work

Our GSD Proven Process

Arches symbolize strength, support, lightness, and openness.  

These are all words that are synonymous with how I believe you should feel when running your business.  Because of this, my proven methodology is based on using psychology to blend technology tools and productivity processes to structure a business that will last forever, just like any properly built arch.

What Others Are Saying

The GSD Team really helped me narrow down my client experience and internal process. They helped me picture how to scale the company and bring on full-time employees. The GSD Team showed me how to be much more productive with using Google Drive and Dropbox for client contracts, and helped me be more direct about what I should and shouldn't be doing for my clients. I actually sleep at night now! I saw results within weeks and I really took all of the advice and practices to heart and implemented right away.

I wasn't getting a lot of traffic to my website as a newer business owner. I knew that I had the skills to get clients; The GSD Team helped do an overhaul critique of my website and suggested some awesome things; tons of things that I just wasn’t thinking of. I was just looking at what was aesthetically pretty for a website as opposed to what really gave clients what they needed. I saw changes after only 3 months of working with The GSD Team. You can actually see how the processes actually work. Step out, invest in yourself and build the business that you’ve always wanted.

Come into it with a very open mind, come into it knowing that you know you might not implement everything right away but every time you walk away take the things that you know as a business owner that you can implement. Use those and can put the rest on the back burner so you don't get overwhelmed but follow the course of action she lays out because it really can become very fluid and make sense while you’re addressing every single little nugget the you can address on your own. She talks a lot about building the foundation and staying the course. And it might not happen for everybody but it does happen for the selected few who put the work in.

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About Angela

Angela Proffitt is an award-winning 8-figure entrepreneur and CEO of GSD Creative.  She is no stranger to the spotlight.  As a consultant with several books as well as an international speaker, Angela has appeared on ABC, CMT, TLC, E! And other national networks.

Podcast Host

About Business Unveiled Podcast

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Released weekly every Tuesday & Thursday, Business Unveiled is the leading podcast helping people in the creative industry refine their skills and grow their business. Since 2017, in every episode, you’ll be taken behind the scenes as Angela shares her experiences and interviews the industry’s leading professionals and influencers!

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